Twenty-seven past ten

“A few months after, you still couldn’t recover. Death was cruel and an impatient customer.”


We were young lovers back in the day
Contented, blessed, blithe and gay
I vowed to marry you and you vowed to say yes
We loved each other since then, no more, no less Continue reading “Twenty-seven past ten”

I write because

“Why do you write? Is it to raise awareness? To cultivate passion? To instigate action? Or to arouse emotions?”


There are so many reasons why I write. I have a love-hate relationship with words and I love it every time a great idea pop up while I’m in the shower or when I wake up randomly in the middle of the night. But at the same time, I hate it because it’s so difficult to find the right words to express all the overflowing emotions. Continue reading “I write because”

That one tall water glass we nicknamed “Groovy Oldies”

“And now as I get older, towards the chapter of life where one stands on her own two feet, where her fists are clenched, to fight, to be brave.”


I tend to forget a lot of things, and tend to remember merely fragments if reminded. But, when it comes to that one tall glass of water with cartoon drawings of old men and women dancing, as told by their swaying, and the staffs, g clefs and the notes surrounding them. But, when it comes to that one tall water glass with the words “Groovy Oldies” inscribed on its flawless transparency, my memory will not fail me. Continue reading “That one tall water glass we nicknamed “Groovy Oldies””

Read under the moonlight

“I thought I could be the moon you were expecting to illuminate the abyss eternally, but turns out I was just a mere tiny candle that burned itself and got lost in the labyrinth of your deep sea.”


I used to look at you like a blind man seeing the sun for the very first time. It’s a moment in my life wherein I was sketching wonderful details that cannot be photographed and can only be taken by the memory. Continue reading “Read under the moonlight”