Twenty-seven past ten

“A few months after, you still couldn’t recover. Death was cruel and an impatient customer.”


We were young lovers back in the day
Contented, blessed, blithe and gay
I vowed to marry you and you vowed to say yes
We loved each other since then, no more, no less

We’re older now and I’m excited to say
“Will you marry me sweetheart, will you marry me today?”
My heart was pounding fast as I was on my knee
Begging you to say yes, to always be with me.

We’ve made a life now and I’m still with you
A bit stressed with work but contented and gleeful too
Our children are growing and time is running fast
But I could care less as long as our love will last.

A couple years pass then comes the sad news
Of you getting sick, with big bruises black and blue
Not hospitals nor medicine nor doctors cutting into you
Could help you feel better, make you a new.

A few months after, you still couldn’t recover
Death was cruel and an impatient customer
He took you from me at twenty-seven past ten
I’m still broken by the thought of not seeing you again.

I’m old now sweetheart, and I can’t take anymore
Of the pain from losing you, it still rocks me to the core
I’ve lived my life shattered, sad and very lonely
Because death was envious and he took you from me.


circle-cropped (3)Tamara Faye Maningo studies medicine and currently lives in Cebu, Philippines. She begins her poems as random words that rhyme or with a phrase that catches her attention. It starts small but after seeing which pieces fit and which ones don’t, it grows, and changes, and finally, it becomes what it’s supposed to be. Read her other poem here.

One thought on “Twenty-seven past ten”

  1. This is an awesome poem! I can feel it’s coming from the heart ❤ Thank you for sharing your talent. You’re doing great!

    Today, is your special day! I would like to greet you a very happy birthday 🎂 May God bless you more, good health, happiness & success in all your endeavors. Know that you are loved!💖👍


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