Be an educator not a humiliator

“The students learning from me should have an opportunity to express ideas confidently, think critically and see the differences clearly without any worries of possible humiliation.”


It was a Saturday, 1:45 PM in an after-school class. A group of students were studying Science with the substitute teacher who was also the Head of the After-School Program. The lesson focused on the growth of plants. The teacher asked, “How do trees grow?” Continue reading “Be an educator not a humiliator”

To the people saying they’re not yet ready for love

“We judge our readiness to engage in a romantic relationship based on the achievement of the goals that we have set for ourselves. But what if some of these goals are not meant to chased alone, but are to be ran after with someone?”


In countless occasions, when single people are asked why they’re not dating someone, they reply with the “I’m not yet ready” mantra. Continue reading “To the people saying they’re not yet ready for love”