The love you need

“Don’t keep on looking back at your past but rather, take it as a lesson. Your past is a part of your present and your present will be a part of your future. Focus on what you have now and make it count.”


Just in case no one told you this, you are worth it. You are not alone in this battle because God has given you the strength you need. You don’t have to search for love because love will surely find your beautiful soul. Continue reading “The love you need”

The anatomy of you leaving me

“The human body is amazing. It has 206 bones that enable us to stand up, hold on, and let go. But why is it that when you were moving away, there was not enough bones to hold me completely?”


There I was standing alone
Waiting for someone to bring me
To a place I could call “home”
But then the clock kept ticking
And it seemed like no one was coming. Continue reading “The anatomy of you leaving me”