Always love

“These are just one of those days when I realized that despite the fact that I’m unbelievably happy here, I tend to question if it’s even real.”


Last year was a terrible year for me. Most people, not even my family knew how seeing my mom die right in front of me costed me my sanity. All I could ever think of was rebelling to forget and escape. I withdrew from any emotions because just like a glass full of shit, mine was already overflowing – and I couldn’t take it anymore. Continue reading “Always love”

To those battling their inner demons

“There were times when you poured everything into your art so that you wouldn’t do anything rash. But there were also times when you couldn’t handle all the emotions. Times when your insecurities and your demons got the better of you.”


I’ll always be here no matter what. I am well aware that there are times you get a little too lonely. When you feel like no one is there for you. When you think that the only thing you can hold on to is the sharp edge of the blade you bought for yourself last Christmas. Continue reading “To those battling their inner demons”

The thief

“I never had to reprimand any of the kids who visited the Farm, but I did have to confront Brother Bear. He had a tendency to take pens, paint, tools, and a host of other stuff that he felt he needed.”


I have always had kids in my house. Aside from my own three children there have been nearly thirty kids who have either traveled through our house or, for various reasons, have lived here for awhile. They are all very bright and very creative. Continue reading “The thief”