In a parallel world

“It scares me that the moment I let my guard down I’ll wish a future with you and we both know I’m only seeing an illusion.”


I love you, in the most sincerest way possible. I hope we meet again as characters in a different story. Maybe we’ll share a lifetime then. Continue reading “In a parallel world”

10 things I want to thank you for

“Thank you for the hugs and kisses, those private moments between us two.
For stripping down your soul to me, for always staying true.”


Thank you for the sunrise, the sunsets, and the nights you spent with me
For all the conversations that kept us up ‘til three
Thank you for not judging me and my inner demons that I tried to hide
For what little time we spent together, it was such a memorable ride. Continue reading “10 things I want to thank you for”