Fingers crossed

Once upon a time, there were two. Two individuals so in love and so true. Nothing could separate them, not even the tides. But this is a story of how it died.


Once upon a time, there were two
Two individuals so in love and so true
Nothing could separate them, not even the tides
But this is a story of how it died

One loved so vigorous and deep
And the other shallow and steep
A few lines in, and you could already tell
Their story was bound to hell

One was a failure but always kept coming back up
The other was so keen on breaking up
It went on for years and it did hold
But the warmth it had was now stone cold

Both withstood the trials of smoke and fire
Little did they know their love would soon expire
But it’s too soon to make it to the end
Let us continue this story shall we, friend?

So one was a fan of writing letters and poems
The other enjoyed dancing and singing along
The poetry and letters would of course be read
As the songs be played in a guitar thread

It was filled with gifts and roses, as every love story should be
Enveloped with hope, embraced happily
Where did it go wrong then, you ask?
Distance and cheating should do the task

One went out to cheat, let’s put it out there
While the other, was sick of the distance everywhere
One, two, three, or so it went
But they managed to make it, to a certain extent

Vows renewed and the love rekindled
And so too the insecurities and distrust that ensued
One was bent to making it right
The other seemed to have lost the will to fight

By this part of the story, something changed
What was once familiar, was now strange
A lot of years passed, take a year or four
Going on for five, but it wasn’t anything like before
One was on the way to success
The other sadly, only found stress
Both wanted to get to greener pastures hastily
Only to be blinded you see

This is still a love story don’t get me wrong
Through it all, they tried to remain strong
Until only one was making a strategy
Oops, is this still a love story or a tragedy?

Are you still there, friend?
We are almost at the end
As if it were a test
Cross your fingers and hope for the best

The pinnacle of their doom came at a loss
A loss of life, a loss of love, a grave loss
One was lost and drowning in grief
While the other showed no sympathy and chose to leave

Whatever happened to sickness and in health?
To solve anything that both are dealt?
So here’s a toast
To the lucky ones and the ones who loved most

Once upon a time, there were two
Two individuals so in love and so true
Friend, did you like it too?
Well, this is the story of me and you.


picsart_05-22-101590818858.pngDaniel Franco G. Pobe, 23, is an AB English student at Xavier University – Ateneo de Cagayan, Philippines. Read his other works here.

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